Your Family Hotel in Riccione

At the Doria Hotel in Riccione, the atmosphere is always peaceful and cheerful and we want to offer you all the services you need for your family vacation.

In the “corner reserved for the mothers” a microwave oven, is available to prepare baby food and the refrigerator reserved for the children called “Freddy” where you can store snacks, yogurt and milk.

You can have the possibility to bring forward meal times if you prefer:

  • for older children, at 12 o’clock or 12.30 p.m.;
  • for the little ones we prepare vegetable broths and white meat broths given to mothers in convenient glass containers with a label on which are written room number and date of manufacture of the product. Ready to be stored in the children’s fridge “Freddy” to be used at any time of the day.

All a suitable for children

We never use in any dish from our kitchen artificial flavors (stockcube), but only good meat for an excellent broth and so many delicacies for young and adults.

In the hotel we have a large outdoor play area, sheltered and away from the road, visible during lunch. It is even possible for those who are not fond of air conditioning to eat out and let the children play comfortably.

We also have the TV room with cartoons, books, pencils and much more. In addition, we remind you that you can have a baby sitting facility and a pediatrician on demand.

Nothing is missing:

  • dining seats for the little ones;
  • healthy menu for children and adults;
  • cheerful plates and cups for baby food;
  • possibility to bring forward meal times for the little ones at 12:00 or at 12:30 p.m.;
  • strollers available;
  • bicycles for children and a safety helmet.

And then:

  • baby bath basins;
  • large outdoor play area with lots of games, sheltered and away from the street;
  • small games room and library for the children, in the TV room;
  • childcare (surcharge);
  • baby sitting facility on demand (surcharge);
  • corner for mothers with microwave and refrigerator at your disposal at any time of the day;
  • meticulous care in preparing on demand white meat broths or vegetable broths for babies, (we do not use artificial flavors “stockcube”, only good meat for the preparation of meat broth and for all our dishes).