Hotel Doria: Sonia and Paul will welcome you with a smile

In the Green Pearl, between the sea and the Spas

The Doria Hotel is situated in a great locationbetween the sea and the Baths and close to everything that will make your holiday unique.

We guarantee you a quiet and friendly welcome and an excellent cuisin with emphasis on the choice of fresh products without the use of seasonings or artificial flavors.

Riccione is the ideal destination of your next holidays!

Beaches of fine golden sand, a clean blue sea, amusements that never ende… Riccione is the ideal destination for couples, seniors, young people and families with children. At the Doria hotel in Riccione near the sea, we will always welcome you with a smile and meet your every day requirement. Trust us!

Do you want to party? We like to let you have fun!

When you combine the pleasures of the palate to the pleasures of the spirit, then finally your holiday becomes perfect For this reason we like to organize Romagna themed evenings where you can have fun all together while enjoying the delights of our region.

Here for example the Ferragosto in Riccione Hotel Doria…

Piada with squaquerone cheese and rocket, meat products and typical cheeses, the rustic beans plate, and lots of fun are the ingredients that never fail in the magical Romagna nights at the Doria Hotel. Watermelons and donuts will be offered and pinball games will be organized. We really know how to amaze you!